Best AND Worst About The Market This Time Of Year

This week, JUDGED BY JUDY focuses on what’s best and worst when it comes to open house experiences.



If you visit an open house next weekend, you may be one of over 50 buyers attending, and if you are not serious about buying, you will be in the minority. This weekend I held 3 open houses for my “first weekend on the market” sellers, and all of them now have serious offers on them. Each of these properties has been on the market for less than a week, and while they are not yet sold, the market is screaming, “YOU HAVE A GREAT HOUSE, YOU WILL SELL SOON AND THE MARKET IS YOURS!”



One open house, that a colleague of mine visited, had so many people trying to get into it that there was a line around the block (think the Sunday morning line at your favorite bagel store), and people were so pent up that they were actually fighting to get in. The agent was alone at the house and things got a little out of control.


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