Welcome to the neighorbood, THE BOULEVARD!

Welcome to the new hot spot restaurant and watering hole on Francis Lewis Blvd this month, the BOULEVARD opened its doors recently and did not disappoint. Big by Northeast Queens standards, the place has an at home feel nonetheless and the place is beautifully appointed for casual fare and a great place to meet friends. The food was great too, I had amazing meatballs as an appetizer, and broccoli rabe in keeping with my new smaller, healthier eating habits. Everything was fresh and the staff were attentive and engaging. That’s what’s best and new in the neighborhood.


What’s worst? When you order lunch from a great local place, over the telephone, and they don’t start making it until 25 minutes later when you come in to pick up. When you ask why, they say they never start until you come in.. then why did we call? Just let us know, please, or take a credit card over the phone to confirm the order if you are worried about getting paid. We take short lunches; we have houses to sell and people to help!

The food was delicious anyway, we just need it faster.


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