Why? Why? WHY?!


To continue with my best and worst analysis of everything North Queens, I return to one of the nicest bests ever. One of the best things about living here is that Northeast Queens has one of the most consistent, lowest crime rates in all of NYC. Here’s a short graph of felony crimes average for NYC overall and the statistics for our specific neighborhoods of Flushing, Bayside Whitestone and College Point.

crime rate graph

That’s the best.

The worst is more personal, and much less critical, but pretty annoying.

Here’s a clear picture…







This is pretty bad; this week’s worst.

This type of behavior has a ripple effect on our community.

  • #1– It’s ugly
  • #2– Since the free truck is pretty worn out after a few years and many trips made by our many clients and community mementos, we will probably not be able to renovate this one, and will have to take it off the road, while re-evaluating whether we will be able to invest in another free moving vehicle for the community that has come to depend on it. 
  • #3– Many people use the truck to save money and minimize their stress when moving and at the very least, the truck will be off the road for awhile til we decide what to do. 

So you see, oh mighty graffiti maker, you may have had some fun, but you potentially hurt a lot of people. And that’s the WORST. 

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