The very BEST product!

It may have taken 50 years, but I have finally found the VERY BEST product combination for cleaning the bathtub, sink and shower ever! First, spray the surface with OXYCLEAN spray and let sit for a few moments. If you are like me, you will stress over the bright yellow color it will turn after a few minutes, but don’t worry. After the few moments sprinkle a generous portion of THE BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND powder (like Comet, but better), and let that sit a few more moments. Then get a few old towels, rags, or such, and scrub the heck out of the two products. Rinse vigorously with hot/warm water, and keep scrubbing and buffing with clean rags, and rinse until the yellow residue has disappeared completely. Your tub, sink or shower will have that just scrubbed look, with no trace of dirt or residue left whatsoever. As a realtor, one thing I appreciate more and more is a sparkling, shining bathroom. Whether the bathroom is new, original or somewhere in between, nothing could be more appealing that knowing that even though the family lives or lived there for years, the bathroom is super clean, first bath ready for any lucky buyer that moves in.
So there’s my best for the week!

Worst? The bag of doggie stuff that someone left on the southwest corner BOWNE PARK sign last week. You can’t possibly love our beautiful neighborhood.