J’s Cleaners & The “Non-Paying Tenant!”

This blog’s BEST this week is one of our local dry cleaners, J Cleaners! Right next to Marino Bros, J’s was always a great place, but new Owner/Manager Jay Kim and his wife Jenny have make the transition seamlessly with their friendly humor as if they have known each customer for years! In our small community, this kind of “it’s my pleasure” attitude is a welcome addition to larger business where it’s in and out, without ever making eye contact with the customer!

Jay has a kind thing to say to each and every patron, and his wife pays keen attention to each chat they engage in. I recently had some clothes altered, and their in-house seamstress did a fantastic job and seemed like she took joy in doing it!

Reasonable prices and outstanding service are the norm here, and it’s not surprising why their business is thriving. J Cleaners is located at 163-09 29th Ave.

What’s worst? Well, hard to beat this true story. David, one of our Buyer Specialists and newest team member, was showing a Co-op apartment to some referred buyers. They LOVED the place, and needed no prodding to make an offer… Until a non-paying tenant scurried out amongst them and took up residence in the hallway. This mouse wasn’t shy, and hung around the 6 legs standing there as if to say “Welcome to my long time abode!” The deal was dead (the mouse was not) before it even started. Good buyers, good home, bad timing!