J’s Cleaners & The “Non-Paying Tenant!”

This blog’s BEST this week is one of our local dry cleaners, J Cleaners! Right next to Marino Bros, J’s was always a great place, but new Owner/Manager Jay Kim and his wife Jenny have make the transition seamlessly with their friendly humor as if they have known each customer for years! In our small community, this kind of “it’s my pleasure” attitude is a welcome addition to larger business where it’s in and out, without ever making eye contact with the customer!

Jay has a kind thing to say to each and every patron, and his wife pays keen attention to each chat they engage in. I recently had some clothes altered, and their in-house seamstress did a fantastic job and seemed like she took joy in doing it!

Reasonable prices and outstanding service are the norm here, and it’s not surprising why their business is thriving. J Cleaners is located at 163-09 29th Ave.

What’s worst? Well, hard to beat this true story. David, one of our Buyer Specialists and newest team member, was showing a Co-op apartment to some referred buyers. They LOVED the place, and needed no prodding to make an offer… Until a non-paying tenant scurried out amongst them and took up residence in the hallway. This mouse wasn’t shy, and hung around the 6 legs standing there as if to say “Welcome to my long time abode!” The deal was dead (the mouse was not) before it even started. Good buyers, good home, bad timing!


The very BEST product!

It may have taken 50 years, but I have finally found the VERY BEST product combination for cleaning the bathtub, sink and shower ever! First, spray the surface with OXYCLEAN spray and let sit for a few moments. If you are like me, you will stress over the bright yellow color it will turn after a few minutes, but don’t worry. After the few moments sprinkle a generous portion of THE BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND powder (like Comet, but better), and let that sit a few more moments. Then get a few old towels, rags, or such, and scrub the heck out of the two products. Rinse vigorously with hot/warm water, and keep scrubbing and buffing with clean rags, and rinse until the yellow residue has disappeared completely. Your tub, sink or shower will have that just scrubbed look, with no trace of dirt or residue left whatsoever. As a realtor, one thing I appreciate more and more is a sparkling, shining bathroom. Whether the bathroom is new, original or somewhere in between, nothing could be more appealing that knowing that even though the family lives or lived there for years, the bathroom is super clean, first bath ready for any lucky buyer that moves in.
So there’s my best for the week!

Worst? The bag of doggie stuff that someone left on the southwest corner BOWNE PARK sign last week. You can’t possibly love our beautiful neighborhood.

Why? Why? WHY?!


To continue with my best and worst analysis of everything North Queens, I return to one of the nicest bests ever. One of the best things about living here is that Northeast Queens has one of the most consistent, lowest crime rates in all of NYC. Here’s a short graph of felony crimes average for NYC overall and the statistics for our specific neighborhoods of Flushing, Bayside Whitestone and College Point.

crime rate graph

That’s the best.

The worst is more personal, and much less critical, but pretty annoying.

Here’s a clear picture…







This is pretty bad; this week’s worst.

This type of behavior has a ripple effect on our community.

  • #1– It’s ugly
  • #2– Since the free truck is pretty worn out after a few years and many trips made by our many clients and community mementos, we will probably not be able to renovate this one, and will have to take it off the road, while re-evaluating whether we will be able to invest in another free moving vehicle for the community that has come to depend on it. 
  • #3– Many people use the truck to save money and minimize their stress when moving and at the very least, the truck will be off the road for awhile til we decide what to do. 

So you see, oh mighty graffiti maker, you may have had some fun, but you potentially hurt a lot of people. And that’s the WORST. 

If you have a suggestion for our best and worst blog, please email me or just put your comment here. 

Welcome to the neighorbood, THE BOULEVARD!

Welcome to the new hot spot restaurant and watering hole on Francis Lewis Blvd this month, the BOULEVARD opened its doors recently and did not disappoint. Big by Northeast Queens standards, the place has an at home feel nonetheless and the place is beautifully appointed for casual fare and a great place to meet friends. The food was great too, I had amazing meatballs as an appetizer, and broccoli rabe in keeping with my new smaller, healthier eating habits. Everything was fresh and the staff were attentive and engaging. That’s what’s best and new in the neighborhood.


What’s worst? When you order lunch from a great local place, over the telephone, and they don’t start making it until 25 minutes later when you come in to pick up. When you ask why, they say they never start until you come in.. then why did we call? Just let us know, please, or take a credit card over the phone to confirm the order if you are worried about getting paid. We take short lunches; we have houses to sell and people to help!

The food was delicious anyway, we just need it faster.

Best AND Worst About The Market This Time Of Year

This week, JUDGED BY JUDY focuses on what’s best and worst when it comes to open house experiences.



If you visit an open house next weekend, you may be one of over 50 buyers attending, and if you are not serious about buying, you will be in the minority. This weekend I held 3 open houses for my “first weekend on the market” sellers, and all of them now have serious offers on them. Each of these properties has been on the market for less than a week, and while they are not yet sold, the market is screaming, “YOU HAVE A GREAT HOUSE, YOU WILL SELL SOON AND THE MARKET IS YOURS!”



One open house, that a colleague of mine visited, had so many people trying to get into it that there was a line around the block (think the Sunday morning line at your favorite bagel store), and people were so pent up that they were actually fighting to get in. The agent was alone at the house and things got a little out of control.

BEST! – Extreme Lacosta MMA

What’s the new hot place to get an amazing workout for your mind and body, and also feel powerful and ENERGIZED?!

EXTREME LACOSTA at 33-39 Francis Lewis Blvd in Bayside right near the 34th Ave intersection!

Martial Arts Master “Extreme” (Kru) Lacosta kicks you into high gear as soon as you walk into this great, get ready to get fit place! And his powerful moves are fun and make you feel like you can accomplish anything! Each class is one hour long but Extreme Lacosta, the man, keeps goin and if you have the time he will give you his all to get you to feel comfortable and self confident.

Both Gary and I started extreme Lacosta a month ago and we can see and feel a real difference! Extreme’s right hand woman is Meghan who will greet you at the door, provide you with a class schedule and explain your program options to you. Extreme is the REAL THING – a committed teacher, focused on constant improvement for himself and his students. My team is starting next week, and some have already taken a free trial. You can too! Just stop in to Extreme Lacosta, mention the word ENERGIZED, and pick up a free trial class card and more information.

An added bonus is “X” – Extreme and Meg’s amazing, adorable and friendly Pitbull who hangs out and loves everyone!

Welcome Extreme Lacosta! Kru, Meg, and “X” – it’s so great to have an authentic, sincere, and dedicated new member of our community!


Extreme Lacosta can be reached by phone at 646-606-2101, or just stop in!mmalogoaaabbb



Introducing: Judged by JUDY

Judged by Judy is a new blog site where I will be judging the best and worst of our community, particularly the Northeast corridor of Flushing, Bayside, Whitestone and College Point!

As many of you know, I live and work in the area and “this is not just my business, it’s my neighborhood.” Many of you know of my daughter Jolie from the various postcards and marketing pieces you have seen over the years. OMG, back in 1997, some of you may even remember the postcard showing an enormous 8 month pregnant me on the front of the ad with the words above “Judy’s EXPECTING… to be your realtor in 1998!” Well that was a long time ago but when Jolie was little we used to play a game every night, we would sit in her bed as I tucked her in, and I would say, “Okay Jolie, now tell me what was your best and worst of the day?” This game would be abbreviated to Best and Worst – it was designed to get Jolie to tell me everything that happened to her during the day, and to emphasize the best things that happened but also learn that not everything is gumdrops and rainbows and that to appreciate the sunshine, you have to feel a lite rain. It worked, and has stayed an integral part of our communication to this day. Jolie just turned 16, and I realize that we all have to take the good with the bad, and appreciate what’s best while recognizing that nothing is perfect.

So let me set the parameters of the communication site. Something is either great, and makes it to the “best” list or it’s not – but the only thing that will make it to my worst list are actions that are out of sync with our quality of life, such as dirt, graffiti, rude behavior, or noise. This is not a place where we will criticize or in some other way, whether intentionally or unintentionally hurt a business or personal or commercial entity. If you are an awesome business in the community you will make it to my “best” list. We welcome reader’s comments but his is not a bashing site, and we reserve the right to remove any content that we deem hurtful or non-productive, so please comment but keep it clean and venom-free, no matter how honest you think you are behaving.

So here it goes! The comments I make here are only the opinion of one person – me, and everything is up for a debate. You can love the site or hate it, but I assure you that the items I find worst, will be indisputable. I mean for starters, who likes vulgar, non-colorful, non-creative graffiti or potholes that haven’t been attended to since February?! On the other hand, who doesn’t love a business owner who gives back to their community, provides great food if it’s a restaurant or food/specialty shop, or a business owner who delivers on their promise of amazing service? Can any business be too good?! I think, and again this is just my opinion, but the answer is one big Emphatic NO.

So like years ago, when my daughter and I were already playing the BEST AND WORST GAME for half of my 4 year old’s life, I never got tired of the many, but never too many times that her “best” was “being with mama” and I always smiled after she told me her “worst” and told her “My baby, if this is your worst, your days will be good.” Let’s all work together as one community to accentuate and support the positive and minimize and mitigate the negative in our lives and in our community. Now that’s just my opinion, but after all, this is just one person’s judgement, Just Judy’s.